As Demand for Hops Soars, Growers Struggle to Keep Up

Hops have played a central role in the stratospheric rise of craft beer. As a taste for the bitter citrus and heady aroma that hops give their pints, beer drinkers have helped hops rise with a knowledgeable demand.

Brewers and local farms across the country are profiting from the popularity, but are they able to keep up with a ceaseless demand of a notoriously fickle crop?

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Summer in a Glass: What to Know About Farmhouse Ales

There’s a story behind every great beer, and farmhouse ale has a great one. Farmhouse ales (also known as Saisons) are one of the true seasonal beers. Enjoying a crisp Saison outside on a warm summer night is one of life’s great pleasures.

But what’s the story? Where does the farmhouse come into play? And what’s a good one to try? Let’s take a look at this intriguing brew.

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