As Demand for Hops Soars, Growers Struggle to Keep Up

Hops have played a central role in the stratospheric rise of craft beer. As a taste for the bitter citrus and heady aroma that hops give their pints, beer drinkers have helped hops rise with a knowledgeable demand.

Brewers and local farms across the country are profiting from the popularity, but are they able to keep up with a ceaseless demand of a notoriously fickle crop?

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Better Bow Down, Imperial Stouts are Beer Royalty

The word “Imperial” is used to describe a wide range of beers from India Pale Ales to Pilsners. Imperial Stouts, however, are the best known and probably the most consumed. What makes the Imperial Stout the true King (or Czar is maybe better) of Beers? Find out what Imperial rally means and what to look for in a great Imperial Stout.

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The Guys from ReGrained Will Change the Way You See Beer…and Food

It’s time to change the way we view the process of brewing beer and our place in the food system.

That’s where ReGrained comes in. Their products are changing the way breweries handle brewing after-products and could play a part in how we view food as a society.  Co-founder of ReGrained, Dan Kurzrock, tells us about our place in the beer brewing process and what we can do to help them in their mission.

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