Molson Coors Canada Brews Up a 108-Year Recipe, a Heritage Pale Ale

The brewmasters a Molson Coors Canada have used a recipe found deep in the archives to create a Pale Ale to celebrate 230 years of brewing history.

In what is to be the first in a series of historic launches, Molson introduces the John H.R. Molson and Bros. 1908 Historic Pale Ale.

The Pale Ale matches the brew of old, with diverse malts, heirloom hops, and similar fermentation techniques used in the period.

Keith Armstrong, Brewmaster at Molson Coors Canada says, “We sat down with malsters, barley and hops breeders from across the globe to identify the correct ingredients to mix with Molson’s ancient ale yeast derived from the same primordial strand John Molson used in the 1700’s.”

The recipe is one of the many historic documents found in approximately 400 cartons of Molson archives.

Molson has been a large part of the culture and beer history of the Canadian community since the 1700s. Brewers are celebrating this success by giving back the the people that have helped make the beer such an iconic brand.

The Molson Coors Brewing Company has been in the family for seven generations and operates seven breweries that employ 3,000 Canadians.

John H.R Molson and Bros. 1908 Historic Pale Ale is now available in 625ml and 341ml bottles wherever beer is sold.

Photo credit: PRNewswire

Header Photo credit: Jeremy Brooks via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC