Magic Hat’s IPA Playlist Variety Pack Features Perfect Summer Beers

Magic Hat Brewing Company has joined the ranks bf breweries featuring easy drinking “session” beers. This new release will be a perfect addition to long summer nights and outdoor adventures.

Their recent release, Low Key IPA, weighs in at an enjoyable 4.5% ABV and 40IBUs. Low alcohol and a smooth hop/malt balance make it perfect to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Chris Rockwood, Head Brewer at Magic Hat had summer fun nin mind when brewing this delight up. “Our goal was to create an easy-drinking IPA that craft beer drinkers could enjoy all-day long. So, whether they’re heading to a music festival, hanging out at a barbeque or taking a camping trip, Low Key is a great choice.”

Magic Hat brewers chose a nice variety of hops for their tropical and citrus essence. In a Low Key IPA you’ll find the flavors and aromas of El Dorado, CTZ, and Chinook all working in perfect balance.

Craft beer drinkers can find Low Key IPA at beer bars and bottle shops across the country. Pack it if you’re headed out on a summer adventures.

Magic Hat has been creating some of the IPAs around. They seem to know what thirsty craft beer fans want when the weather turns sunny and warm.

Their Electric Peel grapefruit IPA is bursting with citrus hops. It’s made with real pink grapefruit and grapefruit peel, making it crisp and fruity all the way to the bottom. It’s available year-round in 6-packs and will make an experience in Magic Hat’s excellent 12-bottle sampler pack,

Beer drinkers on the run for summer fun can also grab a Magic Hat hI.P.A., one of their signature seasonals for the Spring. It’s a perfectly balanced and refreshing beer, perfect for concert tailgating.

With a label designed by Stanley Mouse, internationally known for his iconographic concert posters and classic album covers for the Grateful Dead and other rock bands, hI.P.A. strikes the perfect balance between taste and ensemble.

hI.PA. will be available for a limited time, exclusively in Magic Hat’s IPA Playlist Variety Pak. This lineup of highly hopped favorites will be available in 12-packs and also includes Low Key, Electric Peel, and S.M.A.S.H. Hits IPA.

Photo Credit-PR Newswire