Here’s the Correct Way to Taste a Beer

There’s more to beer than just the flavor. Many different factors can impact the overall beer drinking experience. To correctly taste a beer, you must account for quite a number of things that affect the taste of every amazing brew. Here’s how to get the full beer-tasting experience with each new beer you meet.

1)Begin with the correct glass.
The taste of a beer is very dependent on what you’re drinking it from. Pour your beer into the glass that’s best for they style, or if it’s meant to be enjoyed from the can or bottle, don’t mess with what works.

Pilsners, sour ales, robust porters and stouts, and IPAs are should be experienced in a glass that best showcases their aroma and flavor.

2) Look at the beer and talk about what you see.
Take in the beauty of each new beer before you imbibe. Take some time and look upon the jewel you’ve just poured. First observe the head of the beer. Is it big and puffy like a cloud or does it swiftly disperse? Take in the overall color of the beer and the opacity of your pour. Can you see through to the other side or is it as thick as motor oil?

3) Swirl the beer slightly to release aromas.
Give your beer a quick roll around the glass. Let the oxygen in the air blow through the beer and release the various aromas that every great beer has to offer. This brings the beer to it’s best consistency and carbonation.

4)Breathe it all in.
Most of what we taste depends highly on the smells we take in just before we bring it to our mouth. Ask yourself what you smell right away. Don’t worry about choosing a fancy sounding word, just go with what comes to mind first. This will likely play a role in the overall experience of enjoying the beer.

If you’re using the correct glass, it will help showcase the aromas that should be experienced with that style of beer. Some have wide open tops that release fresh bouquets, while others are smaller, like the tulip, keeping bold aromas in check.

5)Just a quick sip.
After all this, reward yourself with a quick sip of the delicious beer. This is a chance for the beer to make its first impression. When it comes to beer, there’s always more to it than the first impression. Take note of what hits you right away. Do the flavors match your expectations? Do they pair with the aromas you experienced in the previous step?

6) Take a full on gulp of goodness.
The moment you’ve been waiting for. take a large swig of the beer to experience everything it has to offer. Keep it in your mouth for as long as it takes to pick out three or four distinct flavors. Again, no need to ponder over fancy terms. Is it what you expected? Are they mellow or bold? Fruity or dark and stormy?

7) Don’t stop at just the first sip. Enjoy a glass before forming your opinions.
Unless you’ve found yourself drinking some god-awful concoction that you absolutely can’t stand, give the beer a chance. Sometimes it’s when you’re halfway through a new beer that you can finally get a feel for it. Could you drink more than one? What type of weather would be good for this brews? What about possible food pairings?

Follow these steps for tasting each new beer you encounter and you’ll learn with every sip. Each beer tells a story, but it’s up to you to listen.