Gose Beer

How to Enjoy Gose Style Beer

People who love craft beer are usually pretty adventurous. They’re usually the type of people who like to try new things. In the world of craft beer, nothing’s more exciting than finding a new style or brewery that expands your beer knowledge and delights the senses.

Looking for some adventure? Look no further than a Gose style beer. Here’s what to look for.

An Old Brew Pleasing Modern Tastes
Originating in Germany, Gose beers have been brewed since the 17th century. They’re a tasty diversion from the usual IPAs and lagers to which most have become accustomed.

Don’t give any credence to this Thrillest article bad-mouthing Gose. It’s enjoying a new popularity recently, as sour-style ales have become a noteworthy addition to many craft brewer’s output.

Be Ready for Bold Flavors
A Gose is ultimately a refreshing brew. Don’t be put off by the salty flavors. When they’re done right, they actually get better with every sip.On a nice hot day outside a Gose really hits the spot!

The delicate balance between salty and sour is a tough highwire to walk, and a really great Gose hits it just right. Some even recommend adding a shot of cherry or raspberry syrup to enhance to experience.

The hop flavors in Gose beers are very mild. Don’t let that deter you though, these brews make up for it with bright citrus flavors and spicy, herbal undertones from coriander.

Popular beer styles are pretty easy to find in most places, but a Gose could take a little searching. Three Palms Brewing in Tampa, FL makes an excellent Gose that should definitely be on your list.

The “Get Up and Gose” comes in a nice 32oz can that is perfect for the beach or a chill day at the house. The flavors are refreshing and the citrus comes in very nicely. The Get Up and Gose from Three Palms Brewing is a perfect choice for both long time fans and new recruits.

You won’t be able to run to your local 6-pack shop and grab one though; beer like this is hard to find unless you’re using the limited-release craft beer service, Tavour. You can find similar beers in this style here.

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