Why Barnes & Noble, Starbucks Stores are Turning to Craft Beer

Popularity hasn’t been a problem for beer, but businesses are starting to serve it in hopes of drawing crowds. Will selling beer in non-traditional locations be enough to help some struggling spots turn the corner?

It’s no secret that people gather around coffee, wine, and beer. The beverages all help to get conversation going and relax the atmosphere. Many of the great ideas that have changed the world were cultivated in cafes and bars.


Starbucks never fails to stay in the headlines. They’ve successfully turned attention away from the quality of their coffee and on to the atmosphere of their stores. They’ve recently announced that select locations will start serving wine and beer in the evenings.

Cafes selling beer and wine isn’t a new concept, but for Starbucks to make the move shows their desire to keep customers after the sun goes down.

Barnes & Noble bookstores have been not-so-quietly struggling to stay afloat over the past decade or so. They’ve relied on some innovative strategies to keep customers coming into stores in the face of tough competition from online retailers like Amazon.

Their next move will be to start adding beer to their store offerings in select locations in 2016. They’re also ready to move beyond the lattes and create a more social atmosphere that beer can provide.

Photo via VisualHunt.com