Another Craft Brewery Enters the Hard Soda Race…With a Seltzer

It’s no secret that hard sodas are the newest trend in the beverage industry. Now, a craft brewery long known for their amazing ales are brewing up business with sparkling beverages.

Wachusett Brewing Company is the second largest packaging brewer in Massachusetts.They’re about to bring a whole new element to the hard soda trend that’s currently shaking up the craft beer business.

The company produces a diverse, award-winning line of beers ranging from their best-selling Blueberry Ale to their highly hopped LARRY Imperial IPA. Wachusett celebrated their 20th Anniversary in 2014.

In April, the famous brewers will launch its most ambitious project, Nauti Seltzer. Nauti Seltzer is a 110 calorie, 5% ABV, healthy alternative in the hard soda category and will be available in 4 flavors; Raspberry, Grapefruit, Lemon Lime, and Cranberry.

“We believe WBC may be the first craft brewery in the country to research and develop a clear malt base formula and create its own line of ready-to-drink beverages,” said Ned LaFortune, Co-Founder and President of Wachusett and Founder of the newly formed Craft Cocktail Company, the parent company of Nauti Seltzer.

The Craft Cocktail Company is poised to use this clear malt process to create and distribute a massive variety of “hard soda” like offerings. It currently has the capacity to produce 4 million annual cases of Nauti Seltzer.

Nauti Seltzer will begin to hit retail shelves in April.

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Photo Credit-PR Newswire