Are IPAs Still the Most Popular Beer Style?

2015 was an amazing year in beer. Less known styles like Gose and sour ales came off the bench and stepped up to the plate, to maximum effect. Since 2014, IPAs have dominated as the most popular beer style. Was there a contender that could take down the champ?

Sour ales, Gose, and “session ales” put up a serious fight in 2015. Even newcomers like Not Your Father’s Root Beer snuck up and stole the show for a while, bringing in millions of dollars in sales.

But it was still the India Pale Ale that reigned supreme. The fresh and bitter flavors of hops continue to tempt thirsty beer drinkers’ taste buds more than any other style.


For many new to craft beer, an IPA offers an easy transition that’s pleasant to explore without the commitment of going too dark or too far to mysterious flavors. IPAs have top spots on store shelves, as well as a strong backing from breweries that are catering to popular tastes.

The IPA is also a flexible style, which lends itself well to a variety of tastes. Session IPAs appeal to more social drinkers with their low alcohol level. Flavors can range from sharp bitterness from multiple hops to the delightful citrus bursts of grapefruit and orange.

Imperial IPAs have also held court in recent years. When one loves and IPA, why not go big and enjoy a heavy handed hop drop? Imperial IPAs double, or sometimes triple, the amount of bittering and aroma hops, to really please hop heads.

If you’re ready to try a perfected IPA, try what Arcadia Ales is offering. Their IPA is dry-hopped in an open fermenter, which really brings the hop flavors forward. It blends a piney bitterness with citrus juice flavor that’s very satisfying.

This IPA isn’t available everywhere though. Searching out the best IPAs around is easy with a beer ordering service like Tavour. Check them out and stay up on those difficult to find IPAs.

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